"Super Sorcerer" comic books are created and written by Jason Whatley.


Jason Whatley (22, African-American) created the character Kenny Williams/Super Sorcerer back in 2019 after drawing inspiration from Marvel's Black Panther (2018) and DC's Black Lightning (2017) and the success from both of those projects. Initially created for the silver screen, Jason chose to adapt his pilot script and treatment into an unpublished book series that serves as the basis for the comic books distributed through WHAT Comics, LLC. Jason decided to go in a different route when creating the origin story for this character and threw out the conventional/traditional troupes of what a superhero SHOULD be and designed a superhero on the basis of what one COULD be. Most superheroes are either aliens or get their powers from a freak accident, so Jason eliminated that idea quickly. Most superheroes are stifled by a certain set of abilities that only allow them to do amazing things within their abilities set, so Jason decided to give his character literally every ability anyone could come up with and more, both on the superpowers side and the magic/witchcraft/reality-bending/bending abilities side, to create a more wide range of things the character can do. Ambitious? Yes. However, this allows Jason to get very creative with battles and the abilities used depending on the situation. Meaning, although Super Sorcerer has the ability to just snap his fingers to win any battle and doesn't really have to fight anyone, that's not at all what will happen in these comics because that would be lazy writing and who wants to read that?


Jason is a writer and an actor who has always had a passion for both. Outside of these, Jason enjoys binge-watching a new series or creating through other mediums like writing screenplays/teleplays, writing raps, photography. Jason loves a wide range of music and enjoys the company of friends. Jason hails from San Diego, CA and is excited to bring everyone this story that's a little unconventional from the standards of most comic book series.