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Book 2/Chapter 1, "The Magnificent Super Sorcerer In Paris Is Burning", picks up immediately 6 months after the events of Book 1 and it will be a wild adventure. Without spoiling too much, there will be plenty of relationships, friendships, new abilities being explored, more fight sequences, more action, and of course--more of KENNY as our hero SUPER SORCERER and you do not want to miss what is in store for Book 2!

This comic is releasing in Summer 2024.

"The Origin Of Jarrell Conners"

Chapter 5 is a pivotal point in the story arc of this comic book set as it is immediately picking up from the explosive end to Chapter 4 as Kenny attempts to save the citizens of San Diego from the wrath of Dr. Jarrell Conners while Jarrell’s early life is explored.

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"The Origin Of Super Sorcerer"

Introducing the almighty and all powerful Super Sorcerer. This comic begins to lay the groundwork of our hero to be after a wish 19 year-old Kenny Williams makes on his birthday to become the greatest superhero that ever lived.

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  • "Creative Work...

    I love the premise. It’s a very intriguing start to the series. It’s definitely worth the read. He leaves you very eager to know more about this character and about the story behind everything. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested in fantasy adventure." - Devaughn

  • "Good!...

    With LGBT+ and POC representation being notoriously scarce in comics, it’s exciting to see a new journey begin that could mean so much to the world." - RJ

  • "Dope Comic 🔥...

    There was a LOT of action in this comic book and I really like how the story is coming together. Can't wait for the next comic book!" - Louis C.

  • "Amazing Comic Book!...

    I loved it! Probably the best one yet. Definitely gonna buy a physical copy to add to my collection!" - James H.

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