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The Great & Powerful Super Sorcerer (Digital)

The Great & Powerful Super Sorcerer (Digital)

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The second issue in the "Super Sorcerer" comic books. 

After saving dozens of lives in the city of San Diego from the grocery store robbers, Super Sorcerer is back and gaining a lot of attention. So much attention that now Scorpion, leader of the mob and drug cartel circuit, is after him to fulfill his own diabolical scheme. Meanwhile, Kenny’s personal life is put on full display as he and Dominic make a bold move. If that wasn’t enough, Dr. Jarrell Conners is still working on his world domination plans.

Can Super Sorcerer punch his way out of these situations or will he have to deal with the two villains another way? Find out in issue 2 of the “Super Sorcerer” comic book series. Order your copy today!

The comics were created by Jason Whatley who also wrote the story. Illustration done by Ridho Kaloka.


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