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WHAT Comics, LLC

The Origin Of Super Sorcerer (Digital)

The Origin Of Super Sorcerer (Digital)

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The first issue of "Super Sorcerer" comic books.

Set in sunny San Diego, these comics will follow the protagonist, Kenny Williams, and his journey when he makes a wish to become the greatest superhero that ever lived. He has no clue the level of threats that he'll face, yet he feels ready to take on the challenge. The only question is: how long can he keep this a secret from those close to him?

"The Origin Of Super Sorcerer" is an origin story that sets up how Kenny becomes the titular hero and introduces a few threats he'll face in the future comics to follow. This comic will also display and showcase a wide-range of abilities out of the many others that he'll possess. He has infinite enhanced abilities between superpowers  and magical powers as well as the bending abilities explored in the hit animated series "Avatar: The Last Airbender".

The comics were created by Jason Whatley who also wrote the story. Illustration done by Ridho Kaloka.


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